Minecraft Mod Showcase WEEPING ANGELS!

Minecraft Mod Showcase WEEPING ANGELS!

Skydoesminecraft showcases the Weeping Angels. Don't blink!

Weeping angels minecraft

This mod is based on the creepy enemies from "Doctor Who". The Weeping angels are living statues that when looked at will stay still. But once you turn around the Weeping Angel will get closer, when an Angel hits you it does 3 1/2 hearts of damage, and has a 5% chance to send you 5,000 blocks away from were you originally were. The Weeping Angel has 20 Hp and has a 5% chance to spawn.

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The Weeping Angel can only be killed with an Iron or Diamond pickaxe. The weeping angel will drop 5-6 cobblestone or 0-2 weeping angel statues.

Creating Weeping Angels

The weeping angel statues can be placed as decorations in your house. You can also use redstone to turn the statue into a real angel. There's also a block of weeping angels that when powered by a redstone signal, it will spawn a weeping angel.


  • Weeping angel statue
  • Weeping angel stone block.


  • Weeping Angel
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