The Ship Core is the heart of any WarpDrive ship. It forms multi-block structure with a WarpDrive Ship Controller and an Advanced Computer. It is the block that allows a ship to be visible on radar and holds the power used to transport the ship.

After a ship jumps, all blocks within the set dimensions (up to the block limit) will be transported where desired. Collisions with other blocks will cause destruction to blocks in the ship. It is recommended to make the outside of any ship out of WarpDrive Hull or WarpDrive Hull Glass in order to better protect the ship from lasers and collisions.

It accepts EU or RF power on any side. It does not keep its power stored when broken.

When broken the ship core will explode if filled with power.

Ship Setup

Required components for a WarpDrive ship are:

Note There is no air in space. It is highly suggested to have a WarpDrive Air Generator in a sealed ship to survive. Doors/trapdoors are airtight by default.

Start by placing a Warp Core and place a Warp Controller next to it, give it EU or RF power, and place an Advanced Computer connected to the Warp Controller. If you are on a World War Minecraft server the codes should be downloaded already (if so jump to the bullet points), if not then to run the program, type: 'pastebin get FAexu8FH start', then, run start by typing 'start'.

  • Name your ship and you will be in its program. Press the key given for the ship at the bottom (1).
  • Press d to set dimensions (Distance of edges from warp core).
  • Right-click on the Warp Controller to tie yourself to the ship. In Survival mode, this will deal 1 damage to you.
  • Set directions to warp.
  • Press J then Y to jump.
  • Notes
    • Directions/dimensions are oriented with front being the face of the Warp Core the Warp Controller is connected to.
    • To travel down or left simply set a negative value for the up or right sections.

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