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Vampirism Mod • Turn Into a Vampire or a Vampire Hunter!! • Minecraft Vampirism Mod Review-0

Vampirism Mod • Turn Into a Vampire or a Vampire Hunter!! • Minecraft Vampirism Mod Review-0

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The Vampirism mod enables you to become a vampire, feasting on the blood of your enemies, or take up the mantle of a vampire hunter and hunt the evil vampires into extinction. Both options have unique skill sets and perks (see below).


Becoming a vampire

There are three ways to become a vampire. The first is to get attacked by a vampire and contract the affliction they carry, Sanguinus Vampiris. The second way is to right click while holding one of their fangs to forcibly contract the disease. The third way is to be bitten by another player. Vampires are found at night, and also roam around their native biome and choice biomes set in the configuration for the mod. One preset is compatible with a biome from Biomes O' Plenty. These biomes are effectively safe from the scorching rays of the sun, allowing vampires the privilege to roam free at all hours.

Once contracted, Sanguinus Vampiris will incubate over a set period of time adjustable in the game's configuration file. After it has run its course, the screen will turn back as to load the "vampire overlay", a texture applied onto the player's texture to essentially give it that "new blood" look (red eyes and blood around one's lips).

Blood bar

As a vampire, the hunger bar is replaced by a blood bar. This acts as a normal hunger bar except it is filled up by drinking blood instead of eating food. To drink blood, either right click while holding a designated blood bottle or press 'V' while your cursor is over any non-hostile, vanilla mob or another player. cows and horses give the most blood and big mobs (e.g. players) give the least. Villagers however, are the choice prey for a vampire to seek out.

Leveling up as a vampire

In order to level up, you need to craft or find an Altar of Inspiration, located in the new biome, and then fill it up with blood by shifting and right-clicking with blood bottles. When the altar has enough blood, lightning will strike you and you will advance as a vampire.

Altar of Infusion

Altar of Infusion with 36 structure points.

When you reach level 4, you will need to level up using an Altar of Infusion surrounded by altar pillars of a maximum height of 3, tipped by altar pillar tips and fueled by pure blood and human hearts. The number of pillars you need and the blocks you need in them is determined by the structure points. 1 stone brick pillar is 1 point, 1 iron block pillar is 2 points, and one gold block pillar is three points.

Leveling Up Table:

Level Regular Blood Pure Blood Human Hearts Structure Points Other Requirements
1 None None None None Vampire bite
2 40 None None None None
3 70 None None None None
4 100 0 0 0 None
5 None None 5 8 Vampire book
6 None 1 (Purity 1) None 17 Vampire book
7 None 1 (Purity 1) 5 16 None
8 None 1 (Purity 2) None 26 None
9 None 1 (Purity 2) 5 35 None
10 None 1 (Purity 3) 5 44 None
11 None 1 (Purity 3) 10 54 None
12 None 1 (Purity 4) 20 63 None
13 None 2 (Purity 4) 25 72 None
14 None 2 (Purity 5) None 92 None

Level 15

The requirements for reaching level 15 are as follows:

1.) Be level 14.

2.) Wear a vampire cloak.

3.) Obtain purity 6 blood by using a vampire book on a level 5 baron.

4.) Make a altar of infusion using only end stone bricks with ? structure points,

then use the altar like normal and you will advance to level 15.

Level 15 does not cause you to gain a skill point.



Vampire perks menu

When you level up, you receive skill points which you can spend on perks in the perks menu (press 'P' to activate the perks menu). Each time you level up, you receive one skill point.

Skill Table

Skill Positive Effect Negative Effect
Night Vision Gives night vision None
Regeneration Gives regeneration when activated Causes thirst when activated and weakness when in sunlight
Enable Bat Mode Enables the ability to turn into a bat during the night and fit inside one-block-high spaces Causes nausea when in sunlight and only two hearts when activated
Summon Bats Summons a swarm of bats that give blindness to all who touch them Causes damage to be taken when in sunlight and can only be used during bat mode
Sunscreen Removes sunlight damage when activated No negative effects
Rage Increases strength, speed, and regeneration when activated Causes damage to be taken when in sunlight and thirst when activated
Reduce Sun Damage Reduces damage dealt by sunlight Reduce Garlic Damage cannot be activated at the same time
Reduce Garlic Damage (does not exist in latest version) Reduces damage dealt by garlic Reduce Sun Damage cannot be activated at the same time
Hardened Teeth ( does not exist in latest version) Increases strength Poisoned Teeth cannot be activated at the same time
Poisoned Teeth (does not exist in latest version) Increases likelihood that a player or mob will be infected by Sanguinus Vampiris when they are bitten Hardened Teeth cannot be activated at the same time
Jump Boost Increases jump height Speed Boost cannot be activated at the same time
Speed Boost Increases speed Jump Boost cannot be activated at the same time
Freeze Freezes mobs in front of you Doesn't last forever and has a cooldown also prevents the mobs from taking damage
Frugal Vampire Decreases your thirst for blood None
Disguise Allows you to be perceived as a normal human by mobs when activated Causes vampires to attack you when activated
Invisibility Gives you invisibility when activated None
Blood Vision Highlights mobs and players whose blood can be drank when activated Causes blindness and loss of night vision when activated
Creeper Repellent Causes creepers to avoid you None
reduce water weakness removes the weakness effect from entering water reduce sun damage cannot be activated at the same time


Barons are a form of boss mob that spawns in the vampire forest biome. vampire barons can spawn from levels 1-5 however a level 6 baron can be created by using a vampire book on a level 5 baron. barons may use is to obtain pure blood used to level up in both hunter and vampire paths. the purity of blood drops is the barons level level 1 barons dropping level 1/5 blood while level 6 barons drop purity 6/5.

Dracula - Current standing Vampire Lord

Vampire equipment




Vampire dungeons occasionally occur around the world and are made up of wood and dark castle brick. vampire dungeons contain a altar of inspiration, 2 chests with random loot (blood bottles fangs and vampire books), and one to two vampires.

In villages, there is a possibility of there being a Hunter Trainer House, outside of the house has some garlic growing.

The Church Building is also a structure that is sometimes generated in villages, Looks similar to a normal church, but inside there is an altar of cleansing that can cleanse the player of their vampirism.

More to be added...



Vampire- These spawn in their native biome and biomes set up in the config. They hunt for non-vampire players and are active in the night. Basic Vampires have different levels that increase their HP and Damage. They can also suck blood from animals. They take sunburn damage during the day.

Advanced vampire-

Vampire Hunters- Vampire Hunters, like the name implies, like to hunt vampires. They also can protect villages since vampires want to suck villagers blood.

Advanced Vampire Hunters-

Thợ săn ma cà rồng

Tôi không know

ăn thiết bị


Biting a villager will turn them into a vampire villager. You can trade with them for hearts and blood bottles and other things what will be helpful for leveling up. In villages, there is a Vampire Hunter Trainer guarding them that can be found in a custom building.

Things to note

  • Vampire spawns are exceedingly generous. It is suggested to adjust their appearances to be semi-rare at best - the same can be said of their native biome. The presence of vampire hunters is also over the top if generating from vanilla settings.
  • The damage from a vampire bite is enough to kill a villager - this can quickly depopulate villages. Reducing bite damage to 4 in the config solves this.
  • Mechanics aside, graphical presentation for the entities this mod adds leave much to be desired.
  • There are extreme differences between the 1.12.2 version of this mod and its release in 1.7.10
  • The cape of the Vampire Baron has a texture error if edited, to the bottom right of the cape
  • Dracula has no spawning egg - if you wish to see him the the ilk of Bspker's core or actually forcelevelling as a vampire and directly meeting him is the only way - next to of course, commands. ( dracula does not exist in the latest version )
  • There are no female vampire textures present in the mod.
  • Vampire Barons spawn miniature vampires.
  • Vampire hunter weapons are built into their models.
  • Vampire hunters only care for vampires, and they make no attempts to attack other monsters threatening villages such as zombies.
  • Vampires cross running water to minor effect- sometimes they're seemingly weakened by it but not slowed.
  • While wooden weapons do extra damage to vampires, there is no compatibility with mods that add silver weapons.
  • Sun Damage to NPC vampires is often too little to kill them. You may want to raise the damage to 12 in the config to ensure that the game isn't plagued by them under trees in the morning.


To download the mod, please go here!

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