Too Much TNT

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Too Much TNT is a mod by MinecraftTNTStuff. It adds in 54 new types of TNT in to the game to blow things up.


Tier 1

  • TNTx5: Stronger than the TNT in default Minecraft. Basic material for other TNTs.
  • HouseTNT: When exploded, spawns a basic cobblestone house.
  • WoodHouseTNT: Upgrade of HouseTNT, spawns a wood planked house.
  • GhostTNT: TNT falls through blocks and explodes underground.
  • MultiplyTNT: Doubles every block exploded. Will not multiply the following:
  • GoldOre, LapisBlock, IronBlock, GoldBlock, DiamondBlock, EmeraldBlock, RedstoneBlock, QuartzBlock, CoalBlock, JukeBox, EnchantmentTable, BrewingStand, Cauldron, RedstoneLamp, EnderChest, all wire stuff, CommandBlock, Beacon, HeadBlocks, Anvil, GoldPressurePlate, IronPressurePlate, RedstoneComparator, DaylightSensor, Hopper, QuartzStairs, Dropper, StainedClay, HayBale, carpets, any block from another mod.
  • DiggingTNT: 1x1 hole down about 60 blocks. 3 block deep water at bottom.
  • CubicTNT: destroys 5x5x5 area around block.
  • TimerTNT: Will take a long time to explode. When TNT is green it means you have time, yellow = about to explode, red = will explode in seconds.

Tier 2

  • TNTx20: Stronger than the TNTx5. Basic material for other TNTs.
  • FlatTNT: Destroys every area but below it, in other words it flattens out the land, saves you time to make structures.
  • MiningFlatTNT: Same as flat bomb except is meant for under ground mining. Has a bigger explosion in the X and Z axis but twice as small in the Y axis. also places torches for you.
  • BrickHouseTNT: Upgrade of WoodHouseTNT, spawns a brick house.
  • VaporizeTNT: Destroys nothing but water and lava. Don't make a video where you blow it up on land. There's enough of them.
  • EnderTNT: Won't destroy any blocks. It will knock back player far distances.
  • FreezeTNT: Replaces all blocks around it with ice.
  • AnimalTNT: Doesn't destroy any blocks. It will spawn 2 of almost every mob in the game.
  • GravityTNT: Before you say this is a copy of the NovaBomb from Explosives +, keep in mind this only affects entities, not blocks, and most likely has completely different coding involved.
  • GroveTNT: Spawns grass as base and trees.
  • Lightning TNT: When you explode this, you will summon a lot of lightning

Tier 3

  • CompactTNT: After original explosion, the TNT will splatter regular TNT everywhere.
  • Mankind's Mark: When exploding, it spawns a 2 story house.
  • FireTNT: Explodes fire everywhere.
  • SnowTNT: Explodes snow everywhere.
  • DrillingTNT: Upgrade of DiggingTNT. Large hole down to bedrock (depends where you explode it). places water at bottom.
  • ChemicalTNT: Explodes into more TNT, then more! Destruction! Originally, when you ignited it, it blasted off like a rocket, and then falls down. When the tnt hits the ground, it explodes and explodes until it hits the bedrock or the void.
  • FloatingIslandTNT: Copies the land around the TNT and spawns a floating version of the land. Doesn't destroy any blocks, and will not copy rare blocks such as diamonds blocks.
  • SpiralTNT: Will float up similar to FloatingTNT but will shoot out TNT in a spiral pattern.
  • Mountain Top Removal: Great for Mountains, flattens out rough spaces and puts coal in the bottom.
  • Dust Bowl: This Dries up the land and kills trees.
  • Hexahedron: Does the same as CubicTnt, but the cube is Bigger.
  • Sphere TNT: It explodes in a sphere fashoned crater.
  • Arrow TNT; This, when exploded, will erupt into arrows.

Tier 4

  • TNTx100: Stronger than TNTx20. Basic material for other TNTs.
  • OceanTNT: Spawns leveled water according to the location of the TNT. Also spawns squids.
  • Poseidon's Wave: Does the same as OceanTnt, but the range is bigger and makes it rain.
  • EruptingTNT: After lit, shoots TNT in the air and comes crashing down.
  • SandFirework: Once lit TNT will fly into the sky and shoot sand in every direction.
  • ReactionTNT: An upgrade of the ChemicalTNT. All explosions happen randomly around the TNT after lit.
  • TNTFirework: Acts as SandFirework but instead explodes TNT which explode on impact.
  • Easter Egg: When ignited, this tnt will explode into melons and pumpkins. Then the easter egg will split, for even more melons and pumpkins. Then it will split EVEN MORE for , you know , TONS OF MELONS AND PUMPKINS!!! Then it will stop.
  • MeteorShowerTNT: Once lit, will rain the TNT from the sky.
  • InvertedTNT: If you like to grief, then this is for you. Instead of destroying block this TNT places block in the blast radius and spawns blocks based on what is 64 blocks underneath it.
  • Heaven's Gate: Does the same as FloatingIsland TNT, but the island is bigger.
  • Hell's Gate: This is the negative Version of Heaven's gate, as it will be netherized.

Tier 5

  • TNTx500: Stronger than TNTx100. Basic material for other TNT's.
  • MeteorTNT: This TNT will spawn a "meteor" in the sky so don't think the TNT doesn't work. MeteorTNT will explode on impact and make a crater.
  • HellFireTNT: Counterpart of OceanTNT. Leaves nether rack, fire, and lava. Also releases Ghasts.
  • NuclearTNT: Places nuclear waste everywhere. Will wipe out leaves, kill plants, and melt ice and snow.
  • FloatingTNT: Once lit it will float up instead of fall, the explosion will somewhat shred up the land.
  • The Revolution: It'll float up similar to SpiralTnt and Floating Tnt, but will shoot out TNT in a spiral pattern. The spiraled TNT will then split twice.
  • Chicxulub: Will Spawn a huge metor like meteor tnt, but it splits into little pecies, but then explodes and leaves a HUGE crater.
  • Pompei: When it explodes, it will pop, and erupt into a LOT of TNTs, which is similar of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, Then spawn lava where it explodes.
  • Godly TNTs: Upgrades to some regular TNT
  • CustomTNT: You can now create your own TNT by editing the options in TooMuchTNT.cfg (config).

Tier 6 (The Ultimate)

  • Global Disaster: Biggest in this mod. When it explodes, you get a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGE CRATER! Oh, and an important note: You better run.


  • Nuclear Waste: Placed by NuclearTNT. This has the shape of snow, is neon green, glows, and hurts player.


  • Throwable Dynamite: Most TNTs have a weaker throwable variant.


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