The Party Mod is a mod by brandonlane6 for MC1.6.4. It adds party/DJ type things into Minecraft, and like the Ipod Mod and the Sounds Cool Mod let's you add your own music into the game.


  • Recording Unit
  • DJ Deck
  • Smoke Machine
  • Dance floor
  • DJ Controls
  • Speaker(Left and Right)


  • Smoke Mixture 1 sugar 1 blaze powder
  • Vinyl Chunk
  • Laser Module
  • Laser Light
  • Loud Speaker
  • Record Needle
  • Ballons(Red and Blue)
  • Programmer Chip
  • Blank Record


  • Want the mod go here:
  • You need to convert the music you want in the mod into a .ogg vorbis file before adding it to the PartyModMusic file located in the .minecraft folder.
  • He will add a converter so you don't have to go online and convert the file and redownload it.
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