i made up 2 new bosses 1. Evolved Predator X:Has 200/250 hp and is invincible to diamond swords and can only get damaged by a bow.Abilities:Evolved Predator X has a spit attack when he throws purple particles and also a bite attack.EPX can also spawn Yellow Creepers called Evolved Elite Creepers which can melee and blow up when at low HP.   2.Worm Of Mass Destruction.While the EPX spawns in the Moon Jungle which has Birch Wood and Jungle Leaves the WOMD spawns in the Sand Dungeon which has Narrow Tunnels made of Sand and Sandstone roof.The giant boss room contains the WOMD.It spawns Cake Textured Spiders called Spider Commanders to distract you.It has 50000 hp.Also the JungleSlimefromterraria colored Creeper called Creepy which is a pet.If you kill the WOMD then it is dropped and when you spawn it it will kill enemies and is invincible to everything except the new command /killPet True

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