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TNT Mod is a mod created by (???) in the version 1.6.2. in Minecraft. 




Tier 1

MinerTNT: When explodes, it will destroy blocks in a small radius. Unlike TNT, this TNT can drop blocks. The TNT features a pickaxe icon on the top and a brown color.

Fire Bomb: Spawns fire, also destroys blocks. Don't mind if you want to lit this in a jungle. The TNT features a heart shape icon on the top and a fire icon on the sides, it is colored yellow.

NapalmBomb: Similar way to Fire Bomb. Unlike Fire Bomb, it spawns lava once explodes. The TNT features an orange color, lava bucket on the sides and a triangle shape icon on the top.

Projectile: Same way as a TNT, but the explosion radius is a bit larger. The TNT features a gray gradient color.

Tier 2

C4: Twice as powerful as a projectile, quadruple times as a TNT. The TNT features a pale gray color.

BundeledProjectile: After lit in seconds, it will duplicate themselves. Same way as a Projectile, you better run for it. The TNT also features a gray gradient color.

Tier 3

BunkerBuster: Creates a huge square hole. The extra surroundings will be flatten. But the hole goes down to bedrock. The TNT features a gray gradient color, and white arrow lines.

Nuke: A stronger version of the Fire Bomb. This TNT will create a very big crater and spawns fire on the surroundings. The TNT features a nuke icon on the top and a nuclear explosion mushroom-shaped on the sides.

Tier 4

ScatterBomb: Always remember to put redstone signal further away you can. It creates a massive crater once explodes. Featuring a blue color and a nuke icon on the botton right corner.

HydrogenBomb: Also called Thermonuclear bomb, this weapon is 3 times more powerful than a Nuke. Spawns tons of fire and a very huge crater than the Nuke's very big crater. Comparing the Nuke, the TNT features a pixelated Tsar Bomba explosion and a bright circle on the top.

Tier 5 (The Ultimate)

Supernova: You have no place to run, unless you put redstone signal further away, or incase if you have an elytra. This TNT will explode and creates a VERY MASSIVE crater. The explosion is SO BIG it goes down to bedrock! It features a black color on the top, and a supernova explosion on the sides.

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