New TNT Mod v3 Tutorial - Minecraft Mod

New TNT Mod v3 Tutorial - Minecraft Mod

Ever wanted more TNT Variations so you could blow stuff up in new and exciting ways well this mods the one for you!

TNT Mod v3.0

Download -

TNT variations added via this mod

Scatterbomb - Large Explosion 

Nuke TNT - Massive Explosion, hey its a nuke what do you expect?! 

Miner TNT - Larger explosion than standard TNT but also drops all blocks destroyed as if mined by hand 

Fire Bomb - Equal explosion to standard TNT but sets everything on fire. 

Napalm - Creates a lava spawner which flows as normal 

C4 - A slightly larger explosion than standard TNT. 

BunkerBuster - Creates a large hole. This can make a hole all the way down to bedrock. 

Hydrogenbomb - Slightly larger than a Nuke. 

Projectile - designed for use in TNT cannons, explodes after 16 seconds or if it reaches it preset max speed. 

Bundeled Projectile - as above but explodes after 8 seconds.

Propellant - Used for TNT Cannons 

Supernova - approximately 10 times more destructive than the ScatterBomb. Warning ! Creates severe lag. </span>

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