Super Heroes in Minecraft, also known as SHIM, is another mod that adds superheroes to Minecraft that was created by Colossali. This Mod is a little different from the Superheroes Unlimited Mod. It adds a few bew bosses: Joker, Doom, Catwoman, ScareCrow, Mandarin, and Loki. The Other mobs added are as follows: Radioactive spider, criminal, and thugs. It just adds the superhero suits and it only adds in two or four different blocks into the game.


  1. Titanium Ore
  2. Vibraniun Ore
  3. Uru


  1. Captain America
  2. Thor
    • Iron Man, War Machine(Iron Patriot), Mark 42, Captain America, Thor, Hulk
    • Iron Man(Mk3)
    • War Machine(Iron Patriot)
    • Iron Man(Mk42)
    • Captain America
    • Thor
    • Hulk
  3. Hulk
  4. Iron Man(Marks 3 & 42)
  5. War Machine(Iron Patriot colors)


  • Colossali will be adding Wolverine, Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, Spider-Man, ext. Amongst these heroes are more Avengers
  • Colossali also created three other Mods:
    1. SVIM(Super Villians in Minecraft)
    2. Spider-Man
    3. Batman(W.I.P.)
  • SHIM was updated to 1.7.2 but his other mods were updated to 1.6.4
    • This mod from 1.7.2 and up require a core and the superhero or superheroes  of choice.
  • Want the mod go here:


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