The Slenderman is a mob that is part of the Slenderman Mod and Creepy Pasta Mod. It is based on a myth about a
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Slenderman Up close

tall thin man wearing a suit, with a blank, white and featureless face.

The slenderman spawns extremely rarely, mainly in forest biomes. Once he has noticed you, a message will appear saying that he's foundyou. You will have 50 seconds to get away or he will follow you untill you die or you kill him. If you look at him, it'll give you

blindness, nausea, slowness, and static on your screen. On easy mode, he can be killed by any sword, but on normal or higher, he will only be killed by a diamond or slender sword. Once killed, there's a 5% chance that he'll drop a child soul. Slender Man has more health then an Enderman having a total of 100 hp. He also does more damage then an Enderman doing 5 1/2 hearts of damage.

The slenderman can break glass, doors and trapdoors. It can also break any light source (some how he can break wooden planks so no wooden house is 100% safe). As long as it's in your field of vision, it won't move. But if you turn away or your vision becomes obstructed, then it'll disappear. They can also spawn from slender spawners, which spawn randomly in the world. Just like an Enderman he will teleport but only when your not looking or when your fighting it.Be careful, it can kill an unarmored player with one hit from one block away in very close combat. Armor, bow an arrow,sword and milk and potions may be necessary.

Also the 2nd mob in the mod is "Masky," Masky comes from multiple videos of Marble Hornets. Masky has a white mask with a black mouth and black eyes, but it's unknown weither or not Masky has any connections with the SlenderMan, but is aggressive especially with Tim. But anyway back to the mod, Masky has 100 HP and does 3 1/2 hearts, Masky is incredibly fast and can see through blocks, and has a rare chance of dropping "Masky's Mask," which can be used to stop Masky from attacking you, also has the same strength and durability as a diamond helmet.


  •  Child Soul
  • Slender spawners (spawn randomly in the world, slender spawner on top of two obsidian)
  • Slender sword, does more damage then a diamond sword and does extra damage to Slender Man, also giving a poison touch.
  • Slender armour.
  • Masky's mask.
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Masky One of the mobs added


  • Slender Man
  • Masky or most known Lick

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