It is a mod for minecraft 1.12.2 the mod is about a simple system of level rise that would go up killing mobs and getting some amount of exp

The exp system is simple

for each half heart of a mob this will give 0.05 experience

for every half heart of damage of a mob will give us 0.1 experience

for every armor point of a mob will give us 0.1 experience


For each level of experience that we gain we will obtain 1 heart of life

we'll also get 0.13 extra damage per level

each time these values will be multiplied little by little for each level

so that in a moment we will get 2 hearts for each level


the mod also adds a magic system with mana that increases by every 9 levels in 1 point 


fire: sets fire to the enemy causing damage in area

wind: send the target flying

thunder: causes thunder to fall, causing severe damage in the area

void: severe damage in area Blinding and weakening the enemy

passive: creates a shield reducing half the damage by consuming mana

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