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Rival Rebels is a PvP war modification developed by Minecraft Forum user Vertice. The mod adds new content to the game such as Automatic Defense System (ADS) turrets and nuclear bombs as well as new features such as a custom mob fragmentation system and a custom gravity explosion system. Rival Rebels is currently compatible with Minecraft 1.7.10.


The mod features new weapons, which is but are not limited to: Rocket Launchers, Lasers.. even NUKES!

Mod Items


Game Starter: As the name suggests, whenever you break it, the game will begin to start. When the game starts, a beacon and a forcefield will spawn surrounding you. The player can either choose the Sigma faction or the Omega faction.

The Core

Sigma/Omega Bunker: After choosing a faction, the player will have a bunker on the hand. To spawn the bunker, the player needs to place and right click the block. Now there's messages saying that the message is setting the player's spawn point. After spawning a bunker, Omega Equipment is also spawned.


Tower: It functions as a sniping tower. Incase if enemies come to your base, snipe them down! Requires pliers)

Easter Egg: Although not useful in fighting, this will spawn snow golems jumping with jump blocks. (Requires pliers)

Bunker: Has your bunker destroyed by players? Well now you can build another one! With the exception of equipments. (Requires pliers)

Barricade: Helps you to protect from enemies under fire. (Requires pliers)

Pliers: This item is useful for building a Tower, Barricade, Bunker, and Easter Egg. Also opens up a HUD of a Nuclear Bomb/Tsar Bomba.

Nuke Top: When combined with the Nuke Bottom, right click with the pliers. It's for the front of the Nuke.

Nuke Bottom: When combined with the Nuke Top, right click with the pliers. It'sfor the rear of the Nuke.

M202-RR: Right click or hold it to shoot rockets, destroys blocks and some blocks float and lands to the ground. Using this weapon requires rockets.

Tesla: Right click to shoot amounts of bolt. It destroys blocks fast so don't try this at your house. Using this weapon requires batteries.

Flamethrower: Right click to throw flames. You can even throw far away, as long as you didn't burn the forest on accident. Using this weapon requires fuel.

Plasma Cannon: Right click, hold and shoot to create a plasma. Doesn't destroy blocks, but harms enemies and thrown to air. What if there's a wall you can't go through, how about try this weapon on yourself? Using this weapon requires Hydrogen Rod.

Ein-Sten: Right to click to shoot laser beams. A unique feature shows that when enemies are killed. They're gibs are thrown, and blood spilling everywhere! Is Minecraft really kid-friendly? Using this weapon requires Redstone Rod.

Rod Disk: Right click to throw the disk. When thrown, the disk will travel, harms entities, and the disk will come back to the player. Try play frisbee in an extreme way.

Gas Grenade: Throw this and when it lands, it will create a horrible effect for entities which are: Slowness, Poison, Nausea, and Blindness. Useful for evading enemies when they chase you. 

Cuchillo: Same as a melee weapon, but it can be throwable. The attack damage is super powerful than a diamond sword, your diamond sword is useless! Try this, and you'll become an assassin master!

Plastic Explosives: It will explode once activated by a detonator.

Detonator: Used to detonate plastic explosives. Shift-click sneak to detonate.

Landmine: When the landmine gets stepped, it will explode. Acts as a camoflauge, new players don't recognize where the mine is!

Timed Bomb: Every second, the timer ticks, changing the color repeatedly green and red. When it explodes, it only has a small radius. It is also used as a nuclear bomb/tsar bomba compartment.

Rockets: Used to load the M202-RR

Batteries: Used to load the Tesla

Fuel: Used to load the Flamethrower

Nuclear Rod: A compartment for the nuke, it is used to pack Nuclear Bomb and Tsar Bomba. GUI is slowly going redder the more nuclear rods have been packed, also the megatons will increase if every nuclear rods have packed. Requires 10 rods for the nuclear bomb, and 8 for the tsar bomba.

Fuse: A compartment for the nuke.

Antenna: A compartment, only for the Tsar Bomba. It requires 2 antennas to load.

Hydrogen Rod: Used to load the Plasma Cannon, and these rods are used to pack the Tsar Bomba. However, it requires 8 rods to load.

Redstone Rod: Used to load the Ein-Sten.

Nuclear Bomb: A small nuclear warhead. Load this, and you have time to run. A message gives warning to the player that the Radiological alarm has been activated, the nuke is activated, and only has 10 seconds left to explode. After 10 seconds, it summons a mushroom-like nuclear explosion that slowly destroys the ground. The blocks from the surroundings have been flatten. After time pass, the mushroom cloud disappear, leaving a massive crater behind it. The more nuclear rods packed, the bigger the crater. The crater emits a nuclear waste which is harmful for entities.

Tsar Bomba: Not enough damage? How about some more. Tsar Bomba is twice the size as Nuclear Bomb, it requires 4 nuke tops and nuke bottoms to assemble the Tsar Bomba. Again when fully loaded, the message gives a warning to the player. And when it explodes, it's explosion is different rather than the Nuclear Bomb, it creates a huge sphere, and a huge mushroom cloud. It's blocks also have flatten, and they have been pushed by the Nuke. After it disappears, it leaves a very huge crater, but it's different. It's blocks have changed from what it appears to be radiation blocks. When the player steps on it, it is harmful. The log textures will become gray in color. NOW THAT'S A LOT OF DAMAGE.

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