This mod addes a new friend into your game that won't die off like a wolf.
2013-08-10 19.59.15

A Pet Buddy

Pet Buddies Mod

When you start up a world your Pet Buddy will be there next to you or at least near you and "[Name] has found his buddy!"in chat.When you click empty handed your pet buddy they will sit on your head and when you click empty handed at it again they will start walking.When you click it with a stick you can change it's name when click with a stick in creative you can change it's name AND change it's skin (like Zombie creeper exc.)


There are currently no items OR mobs added with the Pet Buddies Mod but there are new achievments which most are changing your buddies skin with use other items such as using Raw porkchops to change your buddy into a pig.

How to Spawn

Find a shrine of unitity and there should be a chest near it. Inside the chest is a statue of unitiy, Place the statue on the shrine and right click it with an object like.. Pork, Bones not sticks because not enough power.. and wait for the statue to glow red when it stops left click it and you will recieve a statue place it down and there you have your buddy!

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