Pendorite ore in a cave in a vein of 2 and in Y=12.

Pendorite is a material in BYG. It is used as an upgrade for tools and weapons, as ingredient for Pendorite Horse Armor or as a decorative block.


Pendorite only generates in the Forest Fault subbiome in the Overworld, and at or below y = 56. The ore comes in groups of up to 4 (Needs confirmation)


To obtain Pendorite, you will need a pickaxe of the same mining level as a Netherite pickaxe. Anything above or below that mining level will break the block instead. Pendorite Ore can be smelted in a Blast Furnace to obtain Pendorite Scraps.


Netherite tools and weapons can be combinded with Pendorite Scraps in a Smithing Table to upgrade to Pendorite tools and weapons.

  • Pendorite Axe
  • Pendorite Pickaxe
  • Pendorite Sword
  • Pendorite Shovel
  • Pendorite Hoe

You can also combine two Pendorite Axes in the Smithing Table to create a Pendorite Battleaxe.

Pendorite is also used to make Pendorite Horse Armor in a Crafting Table.

Lastly, Pendorite Ore and Pendorite Block can be used as decorative blocks.

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