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Oceania is a mod by briman0094 that adds new things to the boring oceans of Minecraft.


  • Atlantite: When heated enough will give you Atlantium. Found on the ocean floor.
  • Atlantium Depulsor: Used to create air pockets underwater.


  • Boats: Come in Iron and Atlantium forms, with atlantium being the strongest. Stronger than wooden boats, faster and more durable too.
  • Boats with Chest(Iron and Atlantium): Same as above but they have chest, that are larger than your normal chests.
  • Submarine: Finally be able to see, breath, and travel underwater, fast, using this device.
  • Atlantite Trident: A powerful weapon, stronger than diamond. Deals 9 damage.
  • Atlantium Helmet: Breath, longer, and see underwater with this on.