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The Mutant Skeleton is a mob from the Mutant Creatures Mod.It has 75 hearts/does 1-1.5 hearts and does four

bone-chilling attacks.

Arrow Attack

You know that Skeletons shoot at you, and that is exactly what this guy does. The unfortunate thing is that their arrows go through bodies. The arrows can also deal random effects from poison, exaustion, and slow movement. But all is not lost, if you hit him before he attacks you can break his focus.

Knocking Attack

Now what happens when you get up close and personal with the Skeleton, he'll whack you away so he can shoot you from a far distant. It doesn't deal a lot of damage but it will take you a while to get back to the skeleton.

Multi-Arrow Shot

Think you're too good at dodging arrows? Well try dodging this attack - he launches himself/jumps into the air and rapid-fires 10 arrows at you.


Have you ever wondered what the rib cage is for? It's there to squeeze the life out of you! He smashes you together with its ribs and sends you flying into the air. Wheeeee!


  • The Mutant Skeleton, similar to the Mutant Zombie, is immune to daylight and can heal 1 heart every five seconds in the night so wait for the daytime to face it.
  • At the start of his death he bursts into pieces and it can hurt, and once it's dead you can pick up the pieces by right clicking on them and create your own armor out of it.
  • Also with the Mutant Skeleton armour on you can jump and do more damage with a bow