Mowzies Mobs is a mod that adds weird monsters to Minecraft.


  • Foliaath

These man eating plants attack anything that move. They look like ferns, and emerge when approached.

  • Ferrous Wroughtnaut

These statue like monsters attack any players who visit their chambers. Ferrous Wroughtnauts can only damaged from behind.

  • Barakoa

These small hunters hunt in tribes and attack players with poisonous arrows and bones. Watch out for them in Savannahs!

  • Barako, the Sun Chief

Barako is the chief of the Barakoa tribe, and attacks players by summoning sunstrikes and solar flares. He sometimes summons Barakoas.

  • Frostmaw

These beasts appear in snowy biomes. When you see one of them be sure to run away. They are big, and are hard to defeat.

  • Barakoana

The Barakoana is a stronger version of the Baroaka. He will spawn a bunch of Barakoas near him, so be careful!

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