Minecraft More Ender Pearls

The More Ender Pearls Mod is a mod for Minecraft that adds in various new types of Ender Pearls. It was developed by beardielover of Planet Minecraft and released solely for Minecraft 1.6.4. Development on the mod has currently been suspended indefinitely.


  • Deadly Ender Pearl: Damages any mob as soon as it hits them, and potentially the player shall they use the normal version. It can deal 40 damage, and therefore be used to attain easy wins against Iron Golems, Vanilla Bosses and Mobs from other mods.
  • Explosive Ender Pearl: Explodes upon contact with anything after the throw. Is guaranteed to injure the user with explosion damage, regardless of which version they use. The Player can turn off block destruction, in which case it will not destroy blocks with its detonations.

  • Ender Sword: A bladed weapon that can be used to attack and - by right-clicking the location the Player wants to go - teleport. Again, two versions.
  • Ender Bone: Required to craft the Ender Sword. Dropped by Ender Skeletons.

  • Ender Skeleton: Dark, ender-themed versions of Skeletons that attack using an Ender Sword. They have 20 HP and drop Ender Bones upon death.

  • Every single item in the mod (sans the Ender Bone as it is but a crafting material) has a normal version which injures the Player and a harmless version that does not cause any damage (sans the Explosive Ender Pearl which can potentially hurt Players with its blasts)


  • .jar (the download will start upon clicking the link)
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