Modular Force Field System, MFFS, is a mod by Darkcow, formally by Caclavia. It adds new items and blocks into the game to give players a new way to protect there base or home from unwanted visitors or mobs.


  • Biometric Identifier
  • Coercion Deriver
  • Force Field Projector
  • Fortron Capacitor
  • Interdiction Matrix
  • Force Field


  • Blank Card
  • Frequency Card
  • Identification Card
  • Infinite Power Card
  • Link Card
  • Focus Matrix
  • Modules: Anti-Friendly, Anti-Hostile, Anti-Personnel, Anti-Spawn, Block Access, Block Alter, Confiscate, Repulsion, Warn, Approximation, Array, Camouflage, Collection, Disintigration, Dome, Field Fusion, Glow, Invert, Shock, Silence, Field Stabilizer, Capacity, Rotation, Scale, Speed, Translation, and Sponge
  • Modes: Cube, Custom, Cylinder, Pyramid, Sphere, and Tube
  • Remote Controller


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