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Advanced Genetics Mod
Applied Energistics - by AlgorithmX2
Artifice - by Shukaro
Archimedes' Ships
Ars Magica 2 -by Mithion
Atomic Science - by Calclavia
Better Anvils - by vdvman1
Better Furnaces
Better Storage - by Copygir
Blood Magic
Dimension Doors
Dirt Coal Mod
Dungeon Mobs
Fossils and Archeology Mod
Galacticraft - by micdoodle8
Legendary Beasts
Minecraft Comes Alive - by wildbamaboy
Morph Mod
Mutant Creatures - the thehippomaster21
Secret Rooms Mod
Soul Shards 2
Superheroes Unlimited
TNT Mod/More Explosions Mod

Twilight Forest
Vampirism Mod
WarpDrive Mod

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