Lightning Spirit

The Lightning Spirit is a mob from the legendary beasts mod. It has 162.5 hearts and is maybe the hardest legendary beast to fight. It spawns on a icy cloud. His real name is Xoloti.

If you try to fight him with weapon or a tool, it will do no damage no matter how many times you hit him. He only gets damaged by hitting him with your hands. You can use explosions as well. Two easy ways to kill him are to use his lightning creepers to kill him, or to drink a strength potion and you can do some damage to him. He will fight you by striking you with lightning or hitting you. His charged creepers have really powerful explosions. They have a chance of doing 26.5 hearts of health. When you kill him he will drop 1-2 sacred eyes and a lightning staff, which can strike mobs with lightning, including you.


  • HP:325 (162.5) Hearts
  • Attack strength:Hit:4 (2 hearts)  
  • Explosion:97 MAX (48.5 hearts)
  • Drops:0-2 Sacred Eyes,Lightning Staff
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