The LASER MOD is a mod by ProPercivalalb. It adds Lasers into Minecraft.


  • Basic Laser: Can't have upgrades on it. Mostly used for quick redstone signals up, down, left, right, forward, backwards.
  • Advanced Laser: Can apply multiple upgrades (Fire, Damage, Pull, Push, Invisible) to make amazing lasers
  • Reflector: Right click with screwdriver to open and close inputs and output sides. Combine laser attribute together he and colour!
  • Colour Converter: Right click on it with dyes to change the colour it will turn lasers into. Put a laser in one end it will be painted colour on the other end.
  • Laser Detector: When a laser hits it it will emit a redstone signal
  • Laser Seeking Goggles: See invisible lasers


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