The king and the queen are the hardest mobs in OreSpawn. The king has 7000 hp and hits like a tank. It shoots many fireballs, ice and lightnings.The queen has 6000 hp and shoots the same things as the king (or maybe a little bit less of them), but aslo spawns in some purple star-shaped flying projectiles that seek the player and the damage they do is 70% of the total health the player/mob they hit (armor does not modify this amount of damage). They can be destroyed, having 1000 hp each. Creeper reppelants stop them from moving. The Queen can spawn on the epic tree with amethyst and rubies, or a temple of large proportions. The King can be found in a same kind of temple, and it usually spawns in a diamond-gold-emerald blocks tree. They will spawn immediately when you spot the tree, so be careful! Before you even think about tackling these bosses, craft yourself a Big Bertha. It is made from all the other Orespawn bosses that spawn in the overworld. The King and Queen spawn in the Red Ant Dimension. You get there by right clicking one of the red ants. The King will, when killed, drop every item in the game, modded and vanilla. It will also drop a set of guardian armor, and the guardian sword, which is similar to the big bertha, but better. When the Queen is killed, It drops lots of queen scales and the Queen's weapon. Use the scales to craft yourself the Queen Scale set.

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