The John Mod is a mod made for Minecraft 1.5.2. It was originally made for Beta 1.8.1 but ceased to be updated. Since then, YouTuber SCMowns re-coded the mod from scratch.

Minecraft Mod Showcase - JOHN!

Minecraft Mod Showcase - JOHN!

by Sky Does Everything

Essentially, the recreated version of the mod now has three different types of "John" mobs, as well as new items and animations. The John mob itself is a pure white hostile creature with a mouth in its chest, head tilted and blood dripping from the eyes


The BabyJohn is the most common of the three Johns. The BabyJohn spawns in a pack of 5 to 6, and are incredibly fast and do quite a bit of damage going 3 1/2 hearts of average. When killed it will drop 1-2 experience bottles.


John is slightly bigger than the player and does 6 1/2 hearts of damage on average. Unlike the other two kinds of Johns, John also spawns during daytime. John drops 0-2 Immortality gems.

MegaJohn (Giant John)

MegaJohn is the rarest of the three and is HUGE. It is very similar to the unused Giant mob. MegaJohn's cacophony of horrific sounds can be heard from far render distance. (500 blocks). MegaJohn has 600 hp and drops 1-2 diamonds and rarely drops an Immortality Blade. MegaJohn does 15 hearts of damage. The Immortal Blade does extra damage to the MegaJohn, making future kills easier.

Immortality Gem

The Immortality Gem is a glowing, Pink and red gemstone which is used to craft the Immortal Blade. They are dropped by all Johns with the exception of BabyJohn.

Immortal Blade

The Immortal Blade is crafted by 2 Immortality Gems and a stick in a Sword pattern, (a gem on top, a gem in the middle and a stick underneath it) and it will craft the sword. This sword is basically a Diamond sword with Sharpness 3, Fire Aspect 2, and Knockback 3. Something interesting about this sword is that it deals more damage to the Johns' than any other weapons. It is also rarely dropped by MegaJohn.

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