This page will tell you how to install mods.

Going to page

To get a mod first you should go to Say you wanted to download the Slenderman mod, you should either search for the mod in the search bar OR find the mod yourself.


When you at the page click "Download here.exe". Then it will open a new tab with a website "" and you must wait 5 seconds and click "Skip ad" in the top right corner and then it will start downloading. When the download is down it will start and click "Run". Then it will bring up the installer. Click "Install mod" and it will start downloading. When it is done you may start up Minecraft and start playing.

NOTE: You can NOT install a mod when Minecraft is open.

Miencraft Modinstaller

The Minecraft Modinstaller is an application installing mods quick and easy-going. You can download ist on the developer´s webside  .It suggests mods of the selected Minecraft version and you can install with only one click. Descriptions with pictures and reviews will help you to choose. There are more than 140 mods in the Minecraft Modinstaller