Haunted is a mod by DarkHax, it is also the successor of his first mod, Ethereal.It adds in new mobs, foods, blocks and items to the game.


  • Soul Table: A new type of crafting table and is used for crafting a lot of items in this mod.
  • Statue: Found only in dungeon loot chest and when renamed in a anvil to a players name will take on the appearance of that player when placed, case sensitive though. Also when powered by redstone will turn into a lost soul of that player.


  • Soul Bottle: Used to collect that souls when killed. Will automatically collect the soul when in inventory.
  • Souls: Thesecan only be obtained by killing mobs, require an soul bottle in inventory to collect, and are seperated into groups.
    • Peaceful: All peaceful mobs are in this group
    • Undead: All undead mobs are in this group
    • Clouded: All mobs that have a Dark Soul are in this group, not added yet.
    • Players: All mobs relatedto the players are in this group
    • Hallow: All mobs related to divine types are in this group.
    • Corrupted: All mobs that are corrupted are in this group.
  • Death Gem: Used to summon the Reaper boss
  • Death Scythe: Dropped by the Reaper boss. Does 3 hearts of Damage.


  • Lost Soul: Hostile to the player and spawn during the night. When their Spawn Eggs are renamed to a players name they will take on that players skin.
  • Zombie Pig: Act like any normal Zombie and drops the same loot and have a rare chance to spawn at night. They also can spawn babies which can be immune to daylight or won't burn in the day.
  • Zombie Spider: Same as Zombie Pig.


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