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Genetic sheep come in a multitude of colors and patterns with dynamically growing and varied horns. Mature sheep can be bred using wheat or hay bales. They are pregnant for two Minecraft days by default and can have 1-4 lambs. After giving birth, sheep will produce up to a bucket of milk per day. If a sheep is not milked, it will stop producing milk and go dry.

Sheep in genetic animals always grow their whole fleece after 1 Minecraft day has passed. The wooliest sheep are noticeably fluffy and can be sheared for up to a guaranteed 3 wool. Some sheep are of the shedding type, also known as rooing, and can be sheared with an empty hand or they will spontaneously self shear and drop some of their wool. Sheep naturally drop white, black, gray, light gray, or brown wool, but genetic sheep can be dyed like vanilla sheep and if dyed will drop colored wool instead. Other sheep are hair sheep and won't produce any wool at all but they can be harvested for leather instead.

Sheep can be equipped with collars and bridles. Wild wolves will hunt and kill sheep.