EnderStuff+ is a mod by SanAndreasP. It addsin alot of stuff related to the end.


  • Biome Changer: Don't like the biome you are in? Because it snows or rains to much? Change it to a different biome with this block. You need fuel for this block.
  • Duplicator: Have some ore but want some more than you have? Use this block to duplicate them. Also needs fuel.
  • Avis Egg: Found in Avis Nests in Extreme Hills Biomes. Can be even easier to find when player has an Avis Compass. Avis Nests are protected by Ender Avis Mobs.
  • Niobium: Is a ore found only in the End. It can be crafted into bars and other ender items. Can also be used as a base for beacons


  • Ender Compass: Used to find Avis Eggs
  • Nivis Pearl: Dropped by Ender Nivis upon death. Can be used to freeze water and turn lava into obsidian in a 5x5 area.
  • Ignis Pearl: Dropped by Ender Ignis upon death. Can be used to set fire, smelt ice, and turn lava into obsidian in a 5x5 area.
  • Avis Feather: Dropped by Ender Avis. Has no use but can be given to Ender Miss, so she suffers no fall damage.
  • Ender Flesh: Dropped by Ender Ray. Can be eaten but gives you positive and negative potion effects
  • Niobium Bow: Can charge twice as fast as a normal bow, has more durability.
  • Avis Arrow: Affects target on hit with poison and can not be affected by gravity.
  • Ender Staff: Can be used to control your pets.


  • Ender Nivis: A crazy looking Enderman, has four arms, has four eyes and has insectoid looking legs. Is immune to water but is hurt by fire. It can also turn water to ice.
  • Ender Ignis: A ghost like enderman and can be found in the Nether. Can catch you on fire. It can also can catch the ground on fire but not in a desert biome.
  • Ender Miss: Spawn in every biome, are passive, and can be tamed. If hit all the endermen around it will attack you.
  • Ender Avis: Kind of looks like an turkey and spawn in all hill biomes.
  • Ender Ray: Found in the end, kind of look like manta rays. They are like the Ghasts of the End (But can be tamed)


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