Doctor Who Mod is a second Doctor Who mod after Doctor Who Client Mod and published in October 2013. You can become the Doctor, have sonic screwdrivers, have the TARDIS and there is way more mobs like Daleks, Cybermen, Silence, Zygons, K-9, Clara and some much more. You could use the Tardis to go to the End, pre-built worlds like Gallifrey, Skaro, Trenzalore and the normal overworld and also use the levers and buttons and Redstone Torches to use the TARDIS and move it about in the current world you're in.

Worlds able to be travelled by Tardis

  • Gallifrey
  • Trenzalore
  • Skaro
  • Overworld


First Doctor

Second Doctor

Third Doctor

Fourth Doctor

Fifth Doctor

Sixth Doctor

Seventh Doctor

Eighth Doctor

Ninth Doctor

Tenth Doctor

Eleventh Doctor

Twelfth Doctor

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