Darth Feanor's Addon is a addon pack for Lucraft: Core V2.0 by Darth Feanor. It adds new characters from both the Marvel and DC comics. With this addon mod a player may don many of the popular characters from the movies or TV shows. It may be downloaded here

Some of the characters include but not limited to(such a fun phrase):

  • Superman
  • Arsenal
  • Thanos
  • Iron Man
  • Venom
  • Spider-Man (various suits)
  • Star-Lord
  • The Hulk
  • Also contains a custom infinity gauntlet to wear!
  • and many more suits and powers not mentioned here!

  • Darth Feanor's logo
  • Iron spider
  • Bleeding Edge, Infinity War
  • speedsters
  • Dr Strange
  • Venom

So, if you want a assortemtn of marvel and DC with a few custom characters thrown in,try it out! And let the creator Darth Feanor know what you think of his addon!

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