The Dubstep Gun Mod (otherwise known as SaintsPack) is a mod by WThieves.

It adds a series of peculier guns into minecraft, very interesting guns that play sounds while being used. It also allows for you to create your own packs for new guns for the mod.

The guns require ammo in the form of items to be in your inventory when empty, which gun needs which ammo can be seen by hovering over the gun in your inventory. Each consumed item will give it a set amount of shots (Differs from gun to gun) which will be shown by a number in the top left corner.

It also features a block called a 'Gun pedestal', this item allows you not only to showcase your guns, but also edit their attributes. You do this simply by putting guns inside them, it will automatically download the data from the guns, and when you then switch it with another gun, you're able to change the statistics of the gun to those of other guns.


Main Guns

  • First Dubstep Gun - The gun that is needed to craft all others
  • Explosive Dubstep Gun - The gun that wrecks terrain
  • Circular Dubstep Gun - The gun that has a lot of power
  • Bat Killer - The gun that hits very wide spread
  • Focused Gun - The gun that has a focused explosion that wrecks even obsidian
  • Mining gun - The gun that doesn't hurt entities, and has 100% drop rate from explosions
  • Void Gun - The gun that cleans up after explosions (0% drop rate)
  • The Yogs Gun - The gun that sets everything on fire


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