CloneCraft is a W.I.P mod by Jamezo97. It adds clones and Mutants to Minecraft, like his My People Mod.


  • Yolo
  • Needle
  • Empty Test Tube
  • Contaminated Needle
  • Empty Egg
  • Contaminated Test Tube


  • Centrifuge
  • Sterilizer
  • Life Transmogrifier
  • Big Antennae

Making Clones

  • Player Clone:

To create a human (or player) clone, the player must first use an empty needle and right click to obtain his/her blood. After the blood has been obtained, the player must use a crafting table to combine the blood-filled needle with an empty test tube, creating a vial of human blood. The next step is to put the blood-vial into a centrifuge, add a fuel source (ie: coal) and select the "spin" option. This will start a spinning process which will take a few moments. After the blood-vial has been spun in the centrifuge, it will become a vial of "separated human bloodd". The player must then take the separated blood and combine it with a new empty needle (as it won't allow you to use the same needle twice). This will create a human DNA needle. The DNA is now put into a crafting table with an "empty egg", creating an "Unactivated Human Spawn Egg". Simply right click a block while holding the spawn egg and a human clone will be appear. To change the properties and behavior or edit the clones inventory, right click the clone to bring up a GUI. Note: To give the clone a skin, select the name bar in the clone's option menu and type the username of the minecraft user whose skin/name you want the clone to have!

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