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Boyfriends are a tameable mob that can be found by right clicking a frog. On death they drop throwable controllers.


Untamed boyfriends will wander aimlessly and be pretty much useless.Tamed boyfriends however will follow their owners and fight all hostile mobs that are in range. They get jealous when other untamed boyfriends are around and will attempt to kill them. To sit your boyfriend all you have to do is right click them with a diamond. They also don’t dance unlike girlfriends.

Taming and More:

You can tame boyfriends with steak (Y’know what they say “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!”). You can also change the clothing with leather if you don’t like their fit.


Boyfriends will throw controllers to attack but you can give them a sword to fight with instead. They also can wear armor but they can only wear ruby armor, amethyst armor and ultimate armor.