Blood Magic

Blood Magic is a mod that builds off of blood collected from damage done to you and to mobs. This is a huge mod based on with a casting system, unlimited lava and ore mining.

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Getting Started and Life Point System

Start by making an altar in a wide open area preferably on the roof as you will want to build mob spawners over it and not want to listen to the noise. Next create a sacrificial knife. When you right click it does damage to you ( it can kill you be careful ) and puts life points ( blood ) into the altar. Bring a lot of food as you will need it to keep healing in the beginning. You will want to create spawners so that they funnel into the top of the altar with a 1 block space in between (so they can't escape ). Craft a Dagger of sacrifice to get life points from 1 hit killing mobs. This is also an awesome xp farm. Placing certain items in the altar consumes certain amounts of life points to craft items. The altar needs to be upgraded by placing Runes in certain configurations around the altar. Runes of sacrifice are particularly helpful if you have a mob spawner set up. Blood orbs are used to add life points to your soul network which powers rituals and items. You can create orbs with higher capacity and ability to create higher level items as you upgrade your altar.


Image Sigil Name Ability Blood Orb/Altar Required
Divination Sigil Right Click on altar to see health point total. Right click away from altar to see personal blood network health point total. weak/1
Water Sigil Right Click to create 1 water block. weak/1
Lava Sigil Right Click to create 1 lava bock. weak/1
Sigil of the Green Grove Right Click to activate and all plants within a radius grow rapidly. Right click on a plant to insta-grow weak/1
Air Sigil Right Click repeatedly to fly weak/1
Sigil of the Fast Miner Right Click to activate. Mine Faster. weak/1
Void Sigil Erasers water/lava source blocks weak/1
Sigil of Elemental Affinity Immunity to fall, fire, lightning, and crushing damage. Master/2
Sigil of Haste Gives hast effect Master/2
Sigil of Holding Stores multiple sigils in one slot Master/2
Sigil of the Whirlwind Arrows shot toward you get pushed away rather then hit. Master/2
Sigil of the Phantom Bridge Right Click to activate. Creates a transparent bridge underneath you as you walk. Master/2
Sigil of Magnetism Right Click to activate. Draws items within a radius into your inventory. Master/2
Sigil of the Blood Lamp Right Click on the ground to create a permanent (unless right clicked again) torch-like light Master/2
Sigil of Suppression Right Click to activate. Parts lava and water in front of you. This returns to its normal state after you leave the area. Master/2
Sigil of Ender Severance Right Click to activate. Endermen Can not teleport when they are with in a 10 block radius of you. Master/2
Sigil of Sight Right Click to activate. Master/2
Harvest Goddess Sigil Right Click to activate. Harvests and replants grown crops Master/2
Sigil of Compression Right Click to activate. Magicians/3
Sigil of the Assassin Right Click to activate. Magicians/3
 ? Magicians/3




So, upon the time when you have a Bound Blade, you can start the painful but rewarding steps to obtain Bound Armor., you need to obtain a bare minimum of 28 filled sockets, each quite expensive. However, this is not the required component. You need to fill each and every one of these sockets with 24,000 LP. This is not easy but if you accomplished and Apprentice's Blood Orb you should know how. There are ways around this but they are unavailable until Tier 4. After every socket has been filled, make a Soul Armor Forge. Place this somewhere in the world and voila! Your first piece is done. Pretty hard, eh? However, I would recommend building a Tier 4 Altar before continuing.

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