A.o.a is a mega mod. i will show you everything. 1st the weapons.

☀ Amethyst Sword Rosite Sword Limonite Sword Jade Sword

 Sapphire Sword Emberstone Sword Coral Stone Sword Fireborne Sword

 Horizon Maul Bloodstone Sword Crystallite Sword Nethengeic Sword

 Troll Basher-Axe Leg-Bone Sword Shadow Sword Rockbasher Sword

 Baron Sword Runic Sword Shroomus Sword Guardian's Sword

 Illusion Sword Bloodfury Rock-Pick Sword Explochron Sword

 Rosidian Sword Coralstorm Sword Skeletal Sword Harvester Sword

☀ Coral Greatblade Rosidian Greatblade Baron Greatblade Lunar Greatblade

 Tidal Greatblade Subterranean Greatblade Lelyetian Greatblade Runic Greatblade

 Underworld Greatblade Haunted Greatblade Leveled Greatblade Noxious Greatblade

 Lyonic Greatblade Darkin Greatblade Primordial Greatblade Royal Greatblade

 Goofy Greatblade Eternal Greatblade

☀ Selyan Scythe Luxon Scythe Erebon Scythe Pluton Scythe

☀ Poison Bow Infernal Bow Speed Bow Void Bow

 Wither Bow Alacrity Bow Ice Bow Weaken Bow

 Explosive Bow Skeletal Bow Screamer Bow Ancient Bow

 Nightmare Bow Soulfire Bow Runic Bow Deep Bow

 Haunted Bow Sling Shot Lunar Bow Baron Bow

 Boreic Bow Daybreaker Spectral Bow Rosidian Bow

 Predatious Bow Toxin Bow Eternal Bow Darkin Bow

 Demon Bow Primordial Bow Skydriver Bow Mecha Bow

 Atlantic Bow

☀ Selyan Claymore Luxon Claymore Erebon Claymore Pluton Claymore

☀ Troll's Archergun Lunar Archergun Skeletal Archergun Coral Archergun

 Rosidian Archergun Spectral Archergun Darkin Archergun Pyro Archergun

 Viral Archergun Mecha Archergun

☀ Hot Shot Hunter's Rifle Long Shot Bayonette Rifle

 Core Rifle Ion Revolver Destruction Rifle Purity Rifle

 Chain Wrecker Dustometer Flowers Fury Tommy

 Minigun Stormer Mech-AR Rocker Rifle

 Lunar Assault Rifle Squad Gun Vile Vanquisher M-K

 Electinator Frosticator Germinator Krilinator

 Dragilator Stampede Baronator Echo Gull

 Iro Rifle Wrecker Haunters Rifle Abominator

 Pulsator Flaming Fury Cyclone Darkin Destroyer

 Big Top Draco Roulette Overshot

 Spectacle Megagun Artifact Demonic Destroyer

☀ Brown Blaster Blue Barrel Red Rocket Nethengeic Slugger

 Mechryo Coral Clogger Blood Iron Purity Shotgun

 Destruction Shotgun Gauge Rifle Gimmick Purple Punisher

☀ Duster Bolt Rifle Camo Rifle BayonetteSR

 Rosid Rifle Head Hunter Sludge Sniper Bullet Blaster

 Terminator Viper-1 Ka500 Baron SSR

 Clown Cracker Decimator Monster Mark Maker

☀ Mini Cannon Boom Cannon Iro Cannon Super Cannon

 Ultra Cannon Coral Cannon Ghast Blaster Shadow Blaster

 Vox Cannon Ghoul Cannon Aqua Cannon Hive Howitzer

 Wither Cannon Flower Cannon Mecha Cannon Big Blast

 RPG Energy Cannon Pulse Cannon Clown Cannon

 Giga Cannon Bozo Blaster Leveler Boulder Bomber

☀ Selyan Stickler Luxon Stickler Erebon Stickler Pluton Stickler

 Bomb Launcher

☀ Dart Gun Discharge Cannon Wart Gun Jack Rocker

 Chili Chugger Discharge Rifle Gardener Balloon Bomber

 Discharge Sniper Carrot Cannon

☀ Soul Storm Illusion SMG Blood Drainer Illusion Revolver

 Gravity Blaster Eradicator Power Ray Wither's Wrath

 Confetti Cannon Blast Chiller Moon Shiner Vortex Blaster

 Toxic Terrorizer Bone Blaster Doom Bringer Confetti Cluster

 Poison Plunger Animal Blasters Sound Cannons Color Cannon

 Soul Spark Ghoul Gasser Iro Miner Luna Blaster

 Mecha Blaster Flowercorne Gas Blaster Party Popper

 Ion Blaster Spirit Shower Whimsy Winder Reefer

 Dark Destroyer Mystique Bubble Horn Mind Blaster

 Atomizer Swarm-O-Tron Creator Laser Blaster


☀ Wind Staff Fire Staff Water Staff Poison Staff

 Wither Staff Striker Staff Lunar Staff Ember Staff

 Rejuvenation Staff Tangle Staff Lightning Staff Surge Staff

 Coral Staff Nightmare Staff Web Staff Phantom Staff

 Kaiyu Staff Runic Staff Shadowlord Staff Celestial Staff

 Hive Staff Formation Staff Destruction Staff Fungal Staff

 Underworld Staff Joker Staff Nature Staff Haunters Staff

 Baron Staff Wizard Staff Ghoul Staff Power Staff

 Vengence Staff Aquatic Staff Firefly Staff Firestorm Staff

 Reef Staff Rosidian Staff Mecha Staff Snowstorm Staff

 Noxious Staff Lyonic Staff Meteor Staff Sun Staff

 Moonlight Staff Atlantic Staff Demon Staff Show Staff

 Primordial Staff

☀ Nethenette Rifle Flame Wrecker Hell Horn

 Ancient Bomber Ancient Discharger Iominator

 Spine Gun Precasian Slugger Tiger Tommy

 MK-Fung Jack Funger Fungal Cannon

 Abyssro Bulb Cannon Death Ray

 Apoco Shower Apoco Rifle Apoco Assault Rifle

 Floro Rifle RPG Floro Floro500

 Moon Destroyer Moon Cannon Moon Maker

 Predatorian Blaster Predigun Predator

 Light Iron Light Blaster Light Spark

 Gold Bringer Golden Fury Golder Bomber

 Happy Haunter Blissful Blast Smile Blaster

 Then, the tools. Tools are divided into gems. they are, amythyst, rosite, limonite,jade,sapire, emberstone, and skelatal. And in types. these are, pickaxes axes and shovels.

 then, the armor. The list is cool:

Armor Set Helmet Chestplate Leggings Boots Sum Set Bonuses Obtainment

Void Armor 1.5 4 3 1.5 10


Semi-rare drops from Mother Void Walkers

Poison Armor 1.5 4 3 1.5 10

Grants immunity to poison

Crafted from Jungle Thorns & Jade Ingots

Weaken Armor 1.5 4 3 1.5 10

Grants bonus damage reduction to any attack.

Crafted from Urka Hides & Jade Ingots

Ice Armor 1.5 4 3 1.5 10

Grants ability to breathe underwater

Crafted from Ice Crystals & Jade Ingots

Speed Armor 1.5 4 3 1.5 10

Grants double normal movement speed

Crafted from Sapphire Ingots & Jade Ingots

Wither Armor 1.5 4 3 1.5 10

Grants immunity to wither effects

Crafted from Emberstone Ingots & Jade Ingots

Explosive Armor 1.5 4 3 1.5 10

Grants immunity to explosion damage

Pieces are common drops from King BamBamBam.

Infernal Armor 1.5 4 3 1.5 10

Grants immunity to fire and lava

Pieces are common drops from Infernals.

Alacrity Armor 1.5 4 3 1.5 10

Grants triple jump. 

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